Experience the power of XDC

The way we conduct finance is evolving quickly. The need for intermediation is quickly being phased out by automated and smart technology. But that doesn't mean you have to forfeit trust.

Hybrid Blockchain Protocol by XinFin - Full Technology Stacks and Custom Development

Why The XDC-01 Hybrid Protocol?


Transaction Speed

XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain processes

up to 2000 TPS on the public chain with unlimited horizontal scaling due to multiple private chains running at the same time. 



XinFin Private Network allows financial and banking institutions to connect their legacy systems to the blockchain using the XDC-01 Protocol.


XDC messaging is compatible with

ISO-20022 standards. 


Enterprise Security

XinFin's technology stacks are automated and self deploying which help reduce human error.


Private networks allow only select participants to view data.


Regulatory Compliant

Public DPoS Consensus algorithm comes equipped with KYC enforcement on the nodes allowing participants access to the KYC data. This KYC standard is friendly to both enterprise participants and regulators.

Who's Using Hybrid Technology?


High Scalability

XinFin's blockchain has achieved high efficiency and scalability due to its Delegated Proof Of Stake (XDPos) Consensus mechanism.


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